Baker’s Solstice Countdown: December 8: Pecan Tassies

Time for something a bit different from a cookie. Pecan Tassies are great for those who, like me, like the combination of savory flaky crust and sweet sticky nutty filling, but find a whole slice of pecan pie a bit of a challenge after a few bites. These are the perfect ratio, and the perfect size.

The recipe, from Martha Stewart, is at this link: Pecan Tassies-Martha Stewart. There’s even a video!

One complaint: The recipe tells you to roll the dough into “1-inch balls”. They need to be much bigger than that, say 1 1/2 inches to use up all the dough and fill the stated number of 18 spaces in your mini muffin tin. The filling only fills 18, so it’s no good trying to make more tassies. It’s also clear in the video that the balls are much larger than 1 inch. You be the judge.

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